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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Today the SPF Amplifier kit arrived from Sam Jewel G4DDK. It is all very small and will easily fit in the space currently occupied by the Minicircuits MAR-6 amplifier on the back of the BiQuad antenna.
Sam has cleverly colour coded the surface mount parts so they are easily identifiable on the parts list.... that is until you take them out of the cardboard strip. Better put them on the board one at a time. The SPF amp has a noise figure of 0.8dB which compares very favourably with the Minicircuits MAR-6 which is about 2dB. Sam has sensibly advised a filter between the antenna and the amp as the amplifier is very wideband. However, since the MAR-6 worked ok, I think I shall try it without, and see how we get on. I now need to find some miniature PTFE coax to connect to this. 73 Hugh

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