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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Back to the ATV

I got my Amateur TV folder down from the loft, last night. It contains lots of potentially useful magazine articles and datasheets that I salted away when I was trying to get active in Amateur TV ...erm ... 20 years ago!
The original design for the Twin-Quad, Bi-quad or "Bowtie" antenna that I built, is there, and I have scanned it and put it on Google Drive so that I can make it available again. Not sure about Copyright on this, I think the document came from the Kent Television group, but it looks like an extract from another publication. The original design seems to have come from DJ9HO. Anyway, if anyone objects to this being here, post a comment and I will take it down. On page 5 is a diagram showing how my version has the preamplifier mounted on the back, and it is this that I intend to replace with the SPF amplifier that I blogged about a few days ago. I found a very good article, on line, describing how to build a bi-quad antenna for WiFi use - i.e. 2.5GHz. There may be some useful design tips that could be incorporated into the 23cm version. The Author also offers a double biquad design, which offers 13dB of gain. 73 Hugh

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