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Saturday, 6 June 2015

SERFing at Eastbourne

Just got back from the Eastbourne Radio Rally, AKA Sussex Electronics and Radio Fair. Thanks to Peter G8WMZ for doing all the driving. Plenty of stalls, and a quite a lot of visitors, but I suspect some of the stall holders would have wished for more. I don't much like crowds to it was nice not to be jostled as one looked at the goodies. Nice bacon butties and even decaff coffee.
Peter G8WMZ and John G0GCQ looking at Peter's desk mike over a cup of coffee. Some of the stands at the show, which was in a large sports hall.
I came away with aluminium project boxes, trimmer capacitors, some very fine tweezers for surface mount assembly and a nice hand-magnifier. Also bought some books, and a Bench Power Supply for £10.
The bench power supply is a "Maplin Gold" one and seems to work ok. The meter scales are rather faded, and the mains lead is damaged and needs replacing. Also it was full of pet hair! The current limit is a bit strange, it makes a bit of a whistling noise, so i may need to check the output on the scope to make sure it is not oscillating. But a small supply like this was on my "shopping list" as it is a piece of test equipment that I didn't have. All in all a good day out. 73 Hugh

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