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Sunday, 21 June 2015

GB1HA - Museums On The Air at Headcorn Airfield

Today we visited the Weald Radio Club at Headcorn Airfield as they operated their special event station GB1HA. Headcorn is the home of the Lashenden Air Warfare Museum, which is a good excuse to activate a station over the weekend. Tony, G4IMP has a 5 element beam for 6m, an ingenious multiband vertical for HF and a longwire which reaches over to the pole with the (ahem) wind-sock on it.

Here is Tony operating 6m (other operators are available). 6m was open to Europe with Sporadic E providing contacts to Spain, Portugal, Poland, and even Russia. There was a lot of contest traffic.

Plenty of light aircraft taking off and landing and the Sky-divers were making frequent flights in their Cessna Caravan.

There were even a couple of buzzards displaying although they weren't calling on the ATC frequency, and they didn't seem to like the parachutes.

73 Hugh

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