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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Bass Pedalboard Microswitches

A bit more on the bass pedalboard project.
I tried some different switches ...

I found the smallest ones were the best. They are the quietest in operation.
They are arranged in pairs. The idea is to try and use velocity sensing - the harder the pedal is played the less time between the switch closures. That's the theory ....

In practice I found it quite hard to match the pedals, as the exact point at which the contacts close depend on the spacing of the pedal and positioning of the switch. my woodwork may not be good enough for this!
 Here's a very slow pedal press, at 130mS long gap between the two switches closing.
 Here's the fastest I could do by really stomping on it ... about 1mS. But here you can start to see the "switch-bounce". I will filter that out, but it may be hard to separate the "bounce" from the "stomp" at these short times.
Here's a medium sort of pedal press at about 15mS. There is a distinct logaraithmicness to the range of times I was getting. it will be a bit of a challenge to get the software to measure these times with out delaying the note-on command appreciably.

Hugh M0WYE


  1. I hope you idea works as you have thought it would work. But it takes time to experiment and get results as desired.

    1. Very true, it all takes time. But sometimes the only way to find out if it will work is to try it out. Thanks for the comment.