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Friday, 28 August 2015

I am the proud possessor of a Tesco Hudl (Mark 1). For those that are not familiar with this marvel of modern technology, it is an Android Tablet computer, with a 7" screen and all the usual features that this class of computer offer. It has a built-in compass and accelerometer, and of course GPS receiver, so that it knows its position and orientation on the planet's surface. I have been using the "Augmented Reality" App called Stellarium which puts a planetarium on your tablet screen, and, if you enable the feature, when you hold the tablet up against the sky it will show all the stars and planets in their correct positions ... or at least it should do.

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on 30th June 2015 (Top left of image!)

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on 30th June 2015
It worked when I first installed the app, but recently I have found that the screen won't turn when I do, it always points in the same direction. It was very frustrating, standing out in a field with my son, looking for the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, and not being able to locate the planets in the sky. Today I realised what the problem was.

On a recent visit to Tesco I noticed a box of nice leather Hudl covers being sold off cheap. Now that the Hudl2 has been released, I guess the accessories for the old model are not selling so well. Ony a couple of quid, so I popped one in the shopping basket. It protects the screen nicely and can even be used as a desk stand. The magnetic catch keeps it closed when not in use ...
Ah ha! - what kind of a product designer puts a magnetic catch on a device which contains a compass?!

I wonder how many other people have been confused by this.

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